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Product No. 2

Grid Trays (V-Grid)

In the stationary grid tray, each tray opening includes a trapezoidal aperture in the plane of the tray deck, and a stationary deflector which overlies and is aligned with the aperture. The deflector and the adjacent deck surface define lateral outlet slots oriented to direct vapor which passes up through the aperture in directions generally transverse to the flow direction of liquid on the tray deck. These trays are aimed to increase the tray load flexibility and to reduce tray back mixing and hence increase tray efficiency. V-Grid tray technology utilizes fixed valves and combines the attributes of sieve holes and float valves. V-Grids offer low pressure drop while delivering high tray performance in terms of capacity and efficiency.


Lower froth height, less entrainment due to lateral vapor release

Increased capacity and improved turndown compared to sieve trays

High efficiency over a wide operating range through improved vapor-liquid contact

Excellent quality

Superior mechanical strength due to increased stiffness of tray deck, no moving parts and therefore no wear

Excellent fouling resistance (for large fixed valves)

Easy to fit

Highly durable